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Knowledge Center - Leadership Development

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Jena Hall's Rules of Order

Jena Hall, Jena Hall Designs


1. Assemble a Sounding Board of Directors

2. Reflect on the Failures

3. Select a Customized Advisory Sounding Board

4. Keep Track of Your Missteps as well as Your Successes

5. Be Accountable to People Who Care How You Grow in Your Career

6. Consider Business Friends Who Complement Your Business

7. Seek Advisors with Optimistic Outlooks and Visionary Insights

8. Reserve Potential Investment in a Business Coach

9. Set an Annual Calendar for Your Meetings

10. Choose a Board That Will Tell You Like It Is

11. Always Check Your Internal Yardstick

12. Check Out the Numbers

13. Use Confidence in Negotiating

14. Take the Risk

15. Trust Your Instincts

16. Develop Your Own Sense of Direction

17. Stage Fright is a Good Thing

18. Accept a Career Challenge

19. Say ‘Yes’ to a Personal Challenge

20. Be Diligent about Regular Health Check-ups


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