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WithIt Fall Education Breakfast presented by Myriad Software
Sunday, October 20th

WithIt Fall Education Breakfast presented by Myriad Software

Sunday, October 20, 2019
7:30 am – 9:00 am
IHFC, Green Wing, International ballroom, 11th Floor

Tickets: $25-members (log in to receive your discount)

Join us as we bring the best of the WithIt Conference to HPMkt. Keynote speaker Denise Ryan will educate and delight you with Leadership Lessons: How to Communicate With Everyone Who Is Not You.

Life would be so easy if everyone we interacted with was just like us. They would understand our cryptic e-mail messages, forgive our bizarre text messages, and understand why we unfriended them on Facebook. There would be no hard feelings, no conflict, and clearly, world peace. Unfortunately, no one else is exactly like you and to succeed in life and business, you have to work with the crazy, the angry, the silly, and yes, even the smarter and more articulate.

This session will help you do just that. You will learn about barriers to communication and how to remove them. You’ll get tips on defusing hostile people (especially helpful for everyone who deals with difficult clients). You’ll take a communication styles quiz and find out just how different a large portion of the world really is and how to get along with them. There will be tips on technology and how to be more effective when using it to communicate. And you’ll even improve your listening skills (not that anyone has better ideas than you, but they might have more information). People won’t stop being crazy, but this session will help you stay sane.

Tickets include a full breakfast, program and networking and is open to all market attendees.


If purchasing multiple tickets, please change the amount to charge and include names of attendees



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