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Knowledge Center - Managing a Business

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Effective Project Management

Regenia Payne, Creative Design Consulting


• Goal: Empowering people to do their job effectively by setting common dead- lines and budget guidelines.


       Set expectations. Do not give too many initiatives at one time.


• How Do You Begin? Start with the Targeted Date for Project Completion

       (Ex: Home Furnishings Market– High Point, NC)


• Brainstorm all possible needs/ do a bubble plan. Compartmentalize each specific task or area. (Ex: Product, Fabric, Showroom, Marketing/ Public Relations, Sales )


• Define a working budget. (Ex: Construction Expense, Labor, Marketing Expense, Showroom Entertaining, Sales, etc.)


• Set gates along the project timeline. Smaller deadlines to keep you on task.


• What happens when you get hung up on one task?


       Stop and review. Enlist someone else’s help/ an outside opinion.


• After the project is complete: Review the process, Re-Evaluate Tasks, and Adjust your deadlines!



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