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Women to Watch - Christi Tasker posted by: Dana Helms
If there is anything I have learned over the last 25 years I’ll say it’s this, “If it’s worth having, it’s worth working for!” Second to that I would also say we must remember nothing happens overnight. Christi Reeves Tasker is 100% the epitome of both of those sayings.

I remember a time when I was younger, and I wrote out what I wanted to do and be when I grew up. Although my path has changed several times, the core of those goals remains. I am that strong women, that overcomer, that chameleon that I knew I would need to be to survive. To get where I wanted and to fill my heart, and others, with what I wish someone had done for me.

Christi is the founder, creator and entrepreneur extraordinare! Christi is the CEO of Tasker Agency, Producer of DecorBoss, Founder of Casa Wynwood, Editor-in-Chief at P.S. this Rocks and CEO at PuTTin’ OuT. Not to mention, wife, mother and dog mom! Specifically, Tasker Agency is a multi-faceted branding, marketing, public relations, and experiential event production firm focusing on client brand awareness. They utilize the whole spectrum of traditional and digital marketing activities to build or revitalize some of the most notable brands worldwide. 
Let’s dive in!
First, let's start simple. What does it mean to you to be a woman to watch?
Most of my life, I have learned best by watching other successful people. To think that others now watch me, is the highest honor. Being a WithIt “Woman To Watch” is a big deal to me! I think it best shows that my mentorship and consulting advice to others has also paid off in terms of bettering lives of others and increasing revenues for companies. I love preventing someone from making the same mistakes I’ve either seen others make or have personally made myself. Helping deserving individuals or brands succeed is why I believe I’m on Earth, so I’m honored that WithIt has chosen me out of so many amazing women to watch!
What are the most important things to you about your work?
  1. PASSION. Work is not work for me - it’s a passion! Genuine care and concern for the people and brands my companies service is the most important thing to me. We’re in a technological world, but everything starts with PEOPLE. I only hire people that first care about people and secondly - their work must be passion over pay. From the physical building process of one of our showcase house or events to the online website development process, I like to work with people who care enough to make the entire experience beautiful and entertaining so that people leave with an exceptional experience which makes retention easier.
  2. COHESIVE EXPERIENCES. A keen eye for detail and understanding the way a business functions is imperative in everything I do whether it be the branding assets or a digital media omni-presence for a company. From personal brick & mortar experiences to experiential marketing events, shopping in a retail store, or attending a tradeshow – EVERYTHING MUST BE COHESIVE! Starting with the digital or social media experience to the greeters and/or volunteers, to the directional signage, and follow up experience - EVERY PART OF THE BRANDING AND EXPERIENCE PROCESS MATTERS.      
  3. EYE FOR DETAIL. A critical eye for details helps when identifying brand cohesiveness. People often notice when a directional sign is missing at tradeshow or an event, but if it’s on a website, social media, or their phones they may not be able to identify exactly what is out of place. Either way, it can make them feel uncomfortable.
  4. LISTENING. When clients speak, we listen to identify their needs. Through experiential testings for events, digital products, and merchandise; we listen to the product users. Before we even get to market, we’ve listened to product testers which are always targeted users on various digital and cultural levels.
  5. VALUES. Personal values have been instilled in me since a very young age. In my life, those personal values translate to work values. I always treat people like I want to be treated. I never, ever look down on anyone. When a door opens, I confidently walk through it without letting fear or discomfort take over. A CAN DO attitude goes a long way. Dressing for success always helps and it can be done at a thrift store. God is in control of everything that I do, so I know in the end….all will be better than I can do on my own.
  6. SHARING. Passing on advice -both what to do and what not to do - is an important part of my life. I have always shared my thoughts and concerns with people and the companies I work with. Later in life, the mentee (me) has become the mentor. Sharing is the only way to expedite growth and educate each other, Google, schools and teachers are not solely responsible for the educational duties.
  7. CONFIDENCE & PERSEVERANCE. Thanks to my mom and dad, I have always believed in my own abilities OR I would discover a way to find the answer. Confidence is a requirement for every entrepreneur. Tell yourself how great you are and surround yourself with great people and you too shall be great!

What advice would you give younger female entrepreneurs who are trying to make someone take notice?  
  1. Care about what you’re doing. Be passionate. And give it all that you’ve got! Your boss is not your mama nor your daddy! If you don’t genuinely care about the objective at hand, find a new job...immediately.
  2. Quit the job that you don’t care about. There is something out there for everyone. From time to time we all make mistakes in selecting jobs and it’s okay to admit that some jobs may not be the right fit for you. Do the right thing - don’t take the check. Find the right fit! All else will fall into place.
  3. Get a job as soon as the law allows or start your own gig.  At 14, and after manufacturing my own jewelry for 5 years prior, I begged the manager at men’s store called DJ’s, a division of Merry Go Round for a job. I loved it! I worked for commission only or minimum wage, whichever happened to be greater. Let’s just say I made great money at 15 years old. Always dress for the job that you want to get! It’s okay to step outside the box and develop your own style in a stylish business, but always abide by the company’s dress code when trying to get your own job. For instance, when approaching DJ’s, I always wore clothing from their sister store, Merry Go Round.
  4. Know yourself, be yourself. Be real.  It’s important for you to know what you’re good at and how you enjoy spending your time.
  5. Don’t do anything you despise. Some of my family members insisted that I would make more money as a waitress and I would have “normal”, non-retail hours. I applied at a steakhouse and got the position. When I began working a shift or two, I began to feel nauseated and I was not eating. The smell of steak became disgusting to me. Even though I liked people, and the money was about the same as dressing men in suits, I discovered that fashion was more my vibe than food would ever be.
  6. If you leave on good terms, you can most often go back.  After two weeks of barely eating, I went back to the clothing store as the first ever 16 year-old Assistant Manager. Keep in mind that I fulfilled a notice and left on exceptional terms.
  7. Always look for personal growth. When I left DJ’s they missed me enough to realize my value and even at a young age. At age 16, I was given enormous responsibility and the role of Assistant Manager in the area of Atlanta with one of the highest crime rate. By age 17, I had felt uncomfortable with the crime situation and I turned in my resignation to accept a position with a competing company within 10 minutes of my house and directly across the street from my Grandmother Martha’s free lunch!  
  8. Learn from your rearview mirror but don’t keep looking back. Admit and own your mistakes. Use them as lessons for future growth but don’t keep looking back in the rearview mirror at them. The past is the past. We all make mistakes that we shouldn’t spend time focusing on after the lesson is learned.
  9. Don’t let anyone tell you that “you can’t”. Forget the naysayers and immediately block the social media friends that bring you down or speak negativity over your life. The world is your oyster and there’s a new friend out there waiting to be discovered. Bad friends and negative energy could be all that is holding you back from the next BIG adventure.
  10. Use what you’ve got and make it work. When my mom and first started our business, I was involved in an auto accident, instead of buying a new car at the time, I opted to share a car with my mom so that we could buy inventory. After we opened the doors of our design business and sold the first round of inventory, I went to buy my first BMW. Later I used my little princess, Bella in advertisements. I recruited one of my grandfathers to play Father Fuschia for our store during Christmas time; he loved it and asked to do it every year! My entire family and I have dressed up as jesters for the town parade. My best chica used to put on her J-Lo to post for my store’s bridal ads. I’ve stepped in for my staff because I was the fastest cashier and best up seller when our entire POS system crashed on Black Friday. I’ve cleaned clients toilets on installation day. Nothing and no one is beneath me...just look.
Wow! Those are some great points! I may put this interview into two entries. It’s a lot for someone to take in and if they use this blog how it’s intended, by the time the second half is released they will have put some of this into practice.
Thanks for this Christi and I can’t wait to release the 2nd half of this! Stay tuned. OH and if YOU have a women to watch that you would like to see here, send her my way! Email: danahelms@microdinc.com
Xoxo, Till next time!
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